Support Services for Your Cloud
Applications and Workforce Programs

To ensure your cloud applications and workforce operations meet your organization’s needs, we have designed QuantumCare – a comprehensive suite of support services for a rapidly changing world.
We provide two core services:
  • Workforce Agility: Ongoing support for traditional and extended workforce programs, market benchmarking, rate card analysis, health checks,  change and communication, AI,  data and analytics, and advisory services.
  • Workforce Productivity –  Application, Cloud, Infrastructure, AI and Insights:  Management and enhancement of technology applications, digital, cloud, and infrastructure. We also provide ongoing analysis and insights, leveraging advanced AI tools and analytics platforms and supporting data operations.
Workforce Agility

Support Services for TA, Contingent  Workforce & Service Procuremet Programs

ATS, CRM, and VMS Product Support
Data Imports | Data Maintenance | Integrations | Configuration Management

Workforce Program Support
Data, Insights & Reporting | Rate Card Market Benchmarking | Ongoing Advisory |  Supplier Optimization | Change & Communications

Our global team of workforce domain experts provides ongoing support services for TA, VMS, Skills, and Services Procurement Technology and operations.  In addition to our team of technology experts, our include operational experts with extensive experience in ensuring your workforce program runs smoothly including Talent Acquisition, Contingent Worker, and Services Procurement functions.

Workforce Productivity

Support for all your ERP Cloud Applications, Data Insights, and AI Needs

Cloud Applications
SalesForce, Workday, ServiceNow Microsoft Azure | Google | AWS | Snowflake |  and more

AI | Data Science | Insights | Vizualization | Automation

Our teams include experts in the most innovative cloud applications, ensuring your valuable cloud application provides a great user experience throughout the product lifecycle.  Our support services for technology applications, digital, cloud, and infrastructure include AMS solutions and modernization of custom and legacy applications., DevOps and Enhancements, cloud-managed services, Infrastructure managed services, and quality engineering services.

In addition, we provide services for advanced AI tools, analytics platforms, and data operations. Services include data science and analytics, data operations and platform management, AI/ML foundries and value-added/ managed services, intelligent automation, task and process mapping and mining.

Global Key Technology Delivery Centers

On Customer Site
6,000 locations in North America & EMEA

  • Consulting/Advisory Services
  • Application Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Education Services

Onshore Solution Centers
Baltimore, Dallas & Bloomington

  • Application consulting
  • Application development
  • Application outsourcing
  • QA and Testing

Nearshore Solution Center

  • Application Development and Management
  • Business Intelligence, ERP, and Integration

Offshore Solution Centers
Bangalore & Hyderabad

  • Application Consulting
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Analytics / Big Data
  • Application Development

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