Creating, Developing & Powering High

Performance Workforces

Designing Next-Gen Workforce Acquisition & Management Capability

We guide organizations to reimagine and transform how they acquire and manage next-generation workforce capability We design people-centric, frictionless digital experiences leveraging the power of rapidly evolving AI and automation.

With our proprietary, fresh, and innovative people-first design methodology, we provide advisory and transformational services in three categories to cover your complete workforce needs:

Summary of Advisory Features

> UX & Design Thinking
> Investment Case Preparation
> Workforce Planning | Skills Strategies
> Capability Review – Tech | Process | People
> Tech Stack | Data Strategy
> Technology Recommendations | Selection
> Capability Design –  Service Blue Print | Organizational Delivery
> Change | Adoption
> Custom Workforce Training Design

Workforce Agility

Creating next-generation workforces across all categories, including talent acquisition, contingent workforce management, services procurement, and total talent management and skills strategy.

Workforce Development

Transformation Leadership programs and tech reskilling solutions to keep ahead of the digital curve.

Workforce Productivity

Powering your workforce with the latest enterprise AI-powered cloud applications.

The Power of Design

We are obsessed with designing seamless & enjoyable workforce experiences. We make tech work for you – not the other way around!

Design is fundamental to creating something new, which can be reiterative and sometimes innovative, and in rare cases, profound and revolutionary.

With the explosion of new cloud-based AI and Automation software, we see an opportunity to imagine and create new ways of powering and designing agile and intelligent workforces.

We are passionate about the power of design thinking to create user empathy and as the key to unlocking the power of digital transformation to deliver seamless experiences that are intuitive and enjoyable.

Design thinking uses iterative, experimental approach to problem-solving, ideating new solutions; prototyping, testing, and refining.

Introducing the
QWA Workforce Operating System

Quantumwork Advisory has developed the QWA Workforce Operating System to help our clients translate strategies into action and provide the necessary structure to create an executable strategic workforce plan. To overcome generalist approaches for each component and sub-component, our teams have prepared diagnostic tools, curated an ecosystem of cloud applications and partnerships, and continually conducted market research to understand market benchmarks and best practices. 

The Diamond Model visualizes seemingly complicated workforce strategy at a component level, making it simpler to assess strengths and weaknesses and develop transformational initiatives to address critical weaknesses. The model combines traditional analysis with systems thinking to understand how elements in a system are interrelated and impact the overall workforce performance. Together with design thinking, the model also serves as a robust planning tool to visualize how the components of the workforce operating model interact and highlight interdependencies across the system.

QWA Workforce Operating System Agility | Development | Productivity

Workforce Agility

Traditional Workforce | Extended Workforce | Total Talent

Workforce Planning | Talent Acquisition | Talent Management | Workforce Development | Skills Strategy | Contingent Workforce Management | Services Procurement | Total Talent

Now in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we see profound workforce changes all around us, occurring in real-time. We have reached a tipping point: companies must become agile, reshape their organization, and embrace new technology to compete and survive.

Our Workforce Agility practices specialize in guiding our clients to reimagine and redesign their people capability in talent acquisition, talent management, contingent workforce management, and services procurement. We drive change and adoption so you realize the benefits of redesigned interactions across people, processes, and technology.

Our clients receive a clear roadmap and service design of their new or optimized technology stack and service delivery model with high-fidelity visualizations, including journey maps, organizational structure, technology architecture, data flow diagrams, and blueprints.


Key Focus Areas

Workforce Planning

We support organizations to elevate their Workforce planning across all workforce categories, including the core data strategy and optimizing technology or the selection of new specialized applications.

Talent Acquisition

Our TA practice enhances capabilities, including people, processes, and technology, significantly improving UX and performance. We are experts in Talent Platforms and the use of AI and automation to create seamless experiences and streamline processes.

Contingent Workforce

Our CWM team are experts in designing contingent workforce management programs, including technology strategy and architecture. Services include rate card market benchmarking, program design, and supplier optimization.

Services Procurement

We support companies in redesigning their service procurement capability, automating inefficient processes, improving UX, and aligning to a holistic workforce strategy. We are also experts in VMS Tech and new AI-powered applications.

Total Talent Management

We guide companies to design integrated workforce programs, optimizing their workforce mix across categories. We create detailed service designs, integrating people, processes, and technology across previously siloed functions. The result is increased agility to meet changing market needs.

Workforce Development

Developing Digital Savvy Next-Gen Workforces

Transformation Leadership |  Executive Coaching | Custom Training Design | Workforce Upskilling | In-Person & Virtual Delivery | Emerging Talent DE&I Cohorts | Technology Boot Camps |Learning |

Our goal is to assist clients in preparing their workforce for the future, lead change, foster high-performance teams, and improve digital skills in modern cloud application and rapid advances in AI ,to create technologically advanced organizations.
The rise of generative AI and Automation, particularly the advances in Natural Language Processing, has shocked the world and made workforce development a top priority for leaders. According to a recent study by McKinsey, 60-70% of work hours could be automated through generative AI. By 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced, but 97 million roles may emerge.
We offer a range of proprietary and custom-designed programs, including Transformational Leadership programs for senior-level management, technology upskilling, and emerging talent boot camps to increase diversity in tech. In addition to workforce development, we support companies in transforming their talent management capabilities, including talent marketplaces and internal gig technologies and strategies.


Key Focus Areas

Transformational Leadership

Transformation leadership programs and one on one coaching for the C- levels suite to ensure they can build high-performing teams and successfully lead change.

Technology Upskilling

Powered by expertise across full-stack technologies, modern Agile principles and elite partnerships with the top enterprise platforms, our workforce development services build digital mastery acorss your organization.

DE&I Tech | Emerging Talent 

Our Rising Talent Programs which include a 12 week tech boot camp, have been embraced by companies as they seek to increase the diversity of their entry-level tech talent.  Our emerging talent programs create job-ready diverse emerging  talent pools dramatically increaing DEI talent in high-demand tech skills and agile methdologies.

Talent Management Transfromaton 

Your workforce will no longer tolerate antiquated talent management processes and technology. We review the friction points and transform experiences across the complete talent management cycle to create a new service blueprint and roadmap to optimize the critical interactions transform people, processes, and technology.

Talent Marketplaces

We guide organizations to maximize the value of internal marketplaces, unleashing employee potential and matching people to opportunities anywhere in your organization. We work with your teams to ensure alignment with a marketplace strategy, including policies, leadership behaviors, and technology.

Workforce Productivity

Powering Next Generation Workforces with Innovative Cloud Applications  

Enterprise Cloud Applications | Powering Workforce Productivty | Finance | Legal | HR | Procurement | Business Process Re-engineering  | UX Design | Change & Adoption

Our Prioductivty team supports organizations to transform existing technology platforms to drive innovation, improve financial performance, and accelerate speed to market.

We partner with our clients to design, optimize, implement, and operate transformational solutions that improve revenue capture, enhance the customer experience, and take advantage of disruptive business models and new capabilities.

With people at the center, we are experts in designing new processes and experiences to maximize the value and adoption of modern cloud applications, including AWS, Salesforce,  Azure, Workday, Oracle, and ServiceNow.


Key Focus Areas

Investment Case Preparation

We support organizations to build compelling investment cases to secure funding for significant transformations, including ROI, timeline to realize the benefits, identification of risks, and mitigation planning. 

Business Process Design 

We are experts in reviewing and redesigning business processes to increase productivity and create more intuitive experiences.  We leverage the power of design thinking and traditional methods to develop empathy with users and understand the root cause of friction points.

Tech Stack Architecture Design

We are experts in reviewing and redesigning business processes to increase productivity and create more intuitive experiences.  We leverage the power of design thinking and traditional methods to develop empathy with users and understand the root cause of friction points.

Data Strategy 

 Our teams of data experts review data architecture to understand and streamline how organizations collect, store, transform, distribute, and consume data. Our data projects also include the technical aspects of data management, including a detailed reveiw of databases and file systems, rules governing data storage formats, and data flow diagrams to visualize the system connections between applications and databases.

Change and Adoption 

We support major change events, partnering to clearly define the transformation vision and strategic objectives. We built a clear plan based on your organization’s unique change characteristics, including, aptitude for change, leadership, work practices, and workplace culture:

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