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The customer required a comprehensive Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition strategy as part of a significant bid process. Our project focused on supporting the customer to successfully staff a major contract to design and build military equipment.


Based on a detailed supply and demand analysis, we developed a comprehensive workforce planning and talent acquisition, and onboarding strategy, including delivery design, marketing campaigns, and sourcing channel strategy.


The client successfully won a multi-year contract and cited the workforce planning and TA strategy as a key winning factor for the contract award. Needing initial recruitment support to set up the organization, our sister company AGS managed recruitment, including highly specialist technical roles. Due to the initial project’s success, the client continues to partner with AGS as an exclusive provider of RPO services for ongoing recruitment.


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Workforce Planning | Talent Acquisition Strategy  | Recruitment Marketing Campaigns | Supply and Demand Analysis  | TA Delivery Design | UX | Onboarding Design

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