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The customer has merged several major global business entities resulting in duplication of technology and business processes. The new consolidated entity required a strategy and blueprint to consolidate, optimize introduce new technology in a highly security-conscious environment.


Five-month project to review current TA capability, including in-person and virtual workshops, surveys, and interviews. Process and friction points were visualized in detailed journey maps for three major workforce segments. Review of the current tech stack and architecture. Market review of technologies. Recommendations were made to overcome friction points.


Developed a successful investment case to consolidate several technology platforms and introduce innovative tech to transform talent acquisition capability. Provided detailed future service design including people, process, and technology strategy and roadmap.


Workforce Agility
Reimagining Talent Acqusition

Global Defense Contractor

Talent Acquisition Transformation  | Technology Stack Consolidation | Supply and Demand Analysis  | TA Delivery Design | UX | Onboarding Design

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