Design Thinking at the Core

Our Service Design lab, underpinned by our passion for User Experience (UX), is the foundation of QuantumWork Advisory’s worktech services. This methodology is fundamental to understanding friction points in Human Resources (HR) processes, discovering problems in the current technology stack, and mapping the talent journey to build empathy with users. As a result, we can clearly identify opportunities for technology solutions, re-engineer business processes, transform UX, reduce inefficiency, and eliminate excess costs.

QuantumWork Advisory – Why Us?

Design Thinking

Our experienced consultants are trained in utilizing journey mapping and “how might we?” frameworks to scientifically prove our strategic choices. By creating user empathy, we vastly improve workforce collaboration and the execution of your organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Improved Adoption

We are obsessed with UX, and leverage interviews, workshops, and trend talks to educate, listen, and build empathy. By focusing on the end users, we dramatically improve the speed and level of adoption for your worktech project.

Market-Leading IP

Our teams utilize sophisticated strategy toolsets to highlight the vital interactions between people, processes, and technology. These tools include proprietary diagnostic benchmarking tools, customer journey mapping, and service design blueprints.

Service Design – Key Offerings

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