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Human-Centered Transformation

Transformation Services for VMS and HR Platforms

We partner with leading Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Talent Technology software companies to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of software optimization and implementation. Services include technical, process, UX analysis, UX design, process harmonization, and system configuration and integration culminating in technology adoption that leverages sophisticated change management and comprehensive user training.

Our Transformation Services are led by expert practitioners with deep experience in digitizing and transforming Worktech in the fields of Talent Acquisition and Contingent Worker Management. Using the latest agile and design thinking methodologies, we pride ourselves on building empathy with users – reiterating, testing, and refining the experience through the project to ensure the final technology configurations and processes are optimized and enjoyable.

Vendor Management Systems (VMS)


Our Transformation Technology services including current software optimization and change requests to end-to-end implementation of new software for select partner Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Talent Technologies. Our complete Worktech consulting services include process and data mapping, UX analysis and design, configurations, integrations, reporting, and thorough, in-depth technology adoption consulting and training.

Technology Transformation – Why Us?

Worktech Expert

Our team has global expertise implementing the latest Talent Acquisition and VMS Technology, ensuring your new technology stack is properly configured and integrated into your core Procurement and HRIS systems.

Design-Focused Technologists

We understand identifying friction points and improving the user experience is critical to successfully deploying technology. We focus on design thinking to ensure your new technology is adopted, simple to use, and a seamless extension of your business processes and policies.

Industry Practioners

Our team of technology, design, and operational experts have in-depth experience setting up and managing Talent Acquisition, Contingent Worker, and Services Procurement functions. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your technology and business processes are optimized.

Worktech Transformation Services – Key Modules



Our process consulting teams work with you to understand, harmonize, and align the ways your delivery teams work with Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management technologies to produce great experiences for employees, candidates, and contractors.

Business Process Transformation – Why Us?


We are obsessed with design thinking to understand business processes and how people interact with technology. By building empathy with users, we ensure that processes are efficient and intuitive with minimal training required.

Change Experts

As practitioners with deep operational expertise, we fast-track process and technology adoption by focusing on user empathy, communication, re-engineering business processes that improve workforce experiences.

Process Mapping and Harmonization

Our teams are obsessed with detail, so you don’t have to be. We are experts at mapping processes to understand and align business processes. The outcome ensures technology configurations are a seamless extension of your business.

Business Process Transformation – Key Modules

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