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Your Worktech Advisory and Transformation Partner

QuantumWork advisory is an industry-leading Workforce Agility Consulting firm. Our people-centric advisory and services guide the world’s leading companies to realize exciting innovations in Worktech, transforming how they attract and manage all workforce categories, across the entire workforce cycle. We help businesses with navigating the implementation, optimization, and adoption of the following:

– Systems Integration (SI) of current or new Vendor Management Systems and talent technology platforms.

– Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Contingent Worker Management strategies and service design for both contingent workers and full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.

– Services Procurement including but not limited to worker classification, services classification and intelligent spend management.

– Comprehensive advice and services to guide you through in mergers and acquisitions events.

– Total Workforce Management, is a holistic workforce approach that focuses on how companies acquire and manage their traditional and extended workforce, leveraging technology and AI, to create organizational agility.

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Advisory Services

Worktech, Delivery & Workforce Strategy

We leverage our in-depth domain expertise to provide strategic advise on workforce acquisition and management – for both internal external employees. Your optimal digital transformation strategy is achieved by combining interactions across people, processes and technology.

Worktech strategy includes support in business case development and vendor tech selection services. The UX and process friction points are discovered through one-on-one interviews, surveys and workshops. Workforce strategy includes optimizing services spend, increasing diversity supplier spend, resolving worker misclassification and more.

Transformation Services

Worktech Implementation & Optimization

Too often, a great digital transformation strategy is let down by poor execution and a lack of expertise. QuantumWork Advisory’s data specialists and solutions architects ensure your organization’s tech stack vision becomes a tangible reality.

We are well-versed in a variety of Worktech and HR technologies, including VMS, CWM, and Talent platforms. Our transformation services include SI, configuration management, software training, robotic process automation and more.

Our Approach

Service Design

Services Design is fundamental to creating something new, which can be reiterative and sometimes innovative, and in rare cases, profound and revolutionary. With the explosion of new cloud-based AI and Automation software, we see an opportunity to imagine and create new ways of building, attracting and managing intelligent workforces.

We are passionate about the power of technology and design thinking to create user empathy. Together, we see these elements as the key to unlocking the power of digital transformation to deliver seamless experiences that are optimized, intuitive and enjoyable.

Why Us? – We’re Equipped to Solve Your Workforce Challenges

QuantumWork Advisory has specifically been designed based on thousands of hours of research, interviews and market analysis with leading experts, partners and end-users. We set out to understand and build empathy and, in the process, found many leaders are struggling with similar challenges. That’s why we exist – to guide and support customers through digital transformation in the field of talent and workforce strategy and delivery.

AI and Automation Expertise

We are trained in the latest AI intelligence and scientific thinking. Your new AI-powered technology stack is responsibly selected, ensuring seamless adoption with your unique company culture.

In-depth Research and Benchmarking

With extensive data from our strategic partnerships, our advisory teams confidently recommend HR tech solutions that customer journey and improve cost control.

People First Approach

No longer will people put up with processes that prioritize functionality over a positive user experience. With a passion and focus on empathy, we recommend worktech solutions that meet functionality needs, but are also intuitive, seamless and enjoyable.

Expert Practioners

Our holistic teams are hand-selected from key field in HR technology, total talent management, workforce solutions, and services procurement. Their insights are based on decades of real-world experience managing substantial operations and consulting to Fortune500 companies.

AI - Powered

QWA experts leverage the latest ML tools to automatically classify talent and spend. We can efficiently understand potential cost savings and opportunities from misclassification imbalances.

Market Intelligence

As part of the Allegis Group, we have extensive access to millions of data points to advise on workforce trends and benchmarks. We also leverage invaluable insights for our strategic talent tech partnerships.

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